Thursday, May 6, 2021

Maryland Podcast Award Winners Announced

The inaugural Maryland Podcast Award winners were announced on Wednesday, recognizing the best podcasts across Maryland.

The Award winners were announced on a special episode of The Duckpin Podcast. Click here to view the ceremony:

The winners are:
Congratulations to all of the Winners. 

Sunday, May 2, 2021

What is Maryland Podcast Month?

May 2021 is the Fourth Annual Maryland Podcast Month!

Our goal is to bring podcasts of all stripes together to cross-collaborate and cross-promote in order to create more opportunities for podcasts to get new listeners. This effort is non-partisan and non-ideological and hopes to bring together all sorts of locally produced conduct, including podcasts about news, politics, sports, life, culture, food, wrestling, and whatever else is out there.

If it’s produced in Maryland or has primarily a Maryland Audience, we want them to be a part of this effort.

To participate in Maryland Podcast Month, email us with your podcast name, a synopsis, and the links to your material.


The Duckpin Podcast

Focus: Interview

Hosted by: Brian Griffiths

Synopsis: A new podcast veteran Brian Griffiths, The Duckpin Podcast focuses on the things that matter in life (news, politics, sports, culture, etc.) and talking to the people who are making those things happen.


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JB’s Drive-in

Focus: Entertainment

Hosted by: Jim Braswell, Paul Drgos

Synopsis: We review classic movies from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

Feeds: Apple PodcastStitcherSoundcloud

Quality Time

Focus: Entertainment

Synopsis: Kim, Erik and his clinically ill brother Jeremy talk comedy, horror films, video games, midgets, and peel back years of emotional trauma.

Feeds: PodbeanApple PodcastStitcher,

The Maryland Crabs

Focus: General. Conversational. Interviews

Hosted by: John Frenaye and Tim Hamilton

Synopsis: The Maryland Crabs is an Annapolis based podcast that focuses on things that matter to Marylanders. We see out guests to discuss topics that are current and important. The focus can be from politics to parking and from bullshit to baseball. It is a weekly podcast released on Thursdays at noon and lasts about an hour. We also periodically and randomly produce bonus content called Crabcakes that are shorter wide-ranging conversations.


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Eye on Annapolis Daily News Brief

Focus: Hyper-local news focused on top stories in Anne Arundel County

Hosted by: John Frenaye

Synopsis: Give us about 10 minutes a day and we will bring you top news stories of the day along with opinion/commentary, local sports, area events and hyper-local weather forecasted by DMV Weather


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A History of Maryland Podcast

Focus: History

Hosted by: Jared Books

Synopsis: An in-depth and free-wheeling narrative history of the colony/province/state of Maryland.


Feeds: Apple PodcastPodbeanStitcher

Conduit Street Podcast

Focus: Politics

Hosted by: MACO Executive Director Michael Sanderson and Policy Analyst Kevin Kinnally

Synopsis: A podcast on Maryland policy and politics, covering state and county issues. We’ll cover the General Assembly, Governor, state agencies, and county leaders and how it affects Marylanders and the public services they depend on. Counties deliver education, public safety, land use, infrastructure and most front-line services to Maryland residents – this podcast from the Conduit Street Annapolis headquarters of MACo, the Maryland Association of Counties, touches on it all.


Feeds: AppleGoogle Play, Stitcher


Focus: Comedy

Synopsis: Four working Geek comics, One National Public Radio Host, An In Studio Audiomancer (sound engineer), and a guest. Record themselves playing an on going role playing game, mocking each other, and occasionally drinking too much. All for the sake of you, dear listener. NSFW


Feeds: Apple Podcasts

The Extra Point Show

Focus: Sports

Synopsis: Baltimore sports and abroad are brought to life with passion and humor when host Vasilios Nikolaou and producer Greg Watkins take listeners on a trip into their minds and break down the biggest to the smallest moves in the sporting world. With years of sports experience between the two of them, it’s always an interesting ride.

Feeds: Apple PodcastSoundcloud

Society Fringe Players

Focus: Music

Dave and Brian, as the band Society Fringe Players, are psychedelic punk rock opera hillbillies who are using this podcast to roll out their 87 song narrative entitled THE BIG OPERA. They release a new song every Monday morning at 7 EST and then release a commentary track every Wednesday morning at 7 EST explaining how that song fits into THE BIG OPERA. They’re too “Bawmer” for their own good. Reach them on Twitter at @davelinantudsfp and @brilutz9. Yes these are Circle 9 guys.


Feeds: Apple PodcastBandcampSpotify

The Marc & Lowell Show

Focus: Entertainment, Comedy, Life

Hosted by: Marc Ronick and Lowell Melser

Synopsis: An entertainment/comedy podcast hosted by good friends who are children of the 80s & 90s, telling stories about life from then and now. Featuring WBAL-TV’s Lowell Melser and his life-long friend, Marc Ronick.


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Kirk and the Crab
Focus: Entertainment

Hosted by: Kirk McEwen (98 Rock) and John Minadakis (Jimmy’s Famous Seafood)
Synopsis: Legendary Baltimore radio personality Kirk McEwen teams with Jimmy’s Famous Seafood’s enigmatic John Minadakis to bring you a unique podcast! The fellas cover everything from sports to music, and everything in between – with a consistent Charm City overtone.

Feeds: Apple PodcastSoundcloudStitcherGoogle PlayLibsyn

Section 336
Focus: Sports
Hosted by: Josh Sroka, Matt Sroka, and Bert Rode
Synopsis: Section 336 is a personality driven Baltimore sports show. No matter what your relationship is to sports you can find a home with Section 336. For the diehard fan you are just like Matt, Bert and Josh. They grew up as huge sports fans, particularly of the Orioles and Ravens. They can speak about the little details of the game and you will love Section 336. However if all you want to know is enough to be able to keep up with coworkers about basic sports talk, Section 336 is also the show for you. Their personalities and style of the show keep you laughing and entertained while you are learning all that sports geek stuff.
Feeds: Apple PodcastStitcherGoogle PlayLibsynYouTube

Filmstudy with Ken Mckusick

Focus: Sports

Hosted by: Ken McKusick and Josh Sroka
Synopsis: Ken McKusick from Russell Street Report and Josh Sroka from Section 336 discuss the Baltimore Ravens. Ken does an excellent job each week breaking down the Ravens game and explaining the complexities of the game in simple terms.

Feeds: Libsyn

Corridor Cast

Focus: Local Music

Hosted by: Kelsi

Synopsis: This is a biweekly music podcast following the always innovative Baltimore and Washington D.C. scenes.

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aois21 Podcast Network

Focus: Ecclectic

Synopsis: aois21 podcast network, based out of Mount Vernon, VA, has several shows hosted and produced by Marylanders.

  • Between the Beltways, a political podcast series analyzing the races in Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George’s Counties. Hosted by Dr. Deepan Chatterjee and Dr. Shreyasi Deb, it features in-depth analysis and interviews with local candidates and experts. It is currently released monthly in the lead up to the Midterm elections. You can find it at, plus on twitter, and
  • Additionally, we have a number of podcasts hosted by Evan Tucker of Baltimore. Evan is an incredibly prolific writer and his talent has been put to the test with three podcast series on our network:
    • Tales from the Old New Land explores Jewish culture, partially set in the Baltimore suburbs. It is a mix of storytelling, music, and comedy, all written and performed by Tucker in various roles.
    • It’s Not Even Past is a cultural history podcast that looks beyond the current headlines and into the history for the inspiration behind current trends. Recent topics have included the crisis of what is art, the Oscars, and the Godfather.
    • History of the Symphony is a class Evan taught at the Grace Methodist Church in Baltimore. All ten sessions were recorded and are now being released monthly as an educational podcast series. For someone with a slight interest in classical music, this series gives them the background to really see the life in each note.


Feeds: Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Google Play, TuneIn, Spotify, and Podomatic.

Soul Force Politics

Focus: Politics

Hosted by: Heather Mizeur

Synopsis: Hosted by Heather Mizeur, Maryland’s best-known voice for progressive activism, Soul Force Politics is a podcast that teaches heart-centered mindfulness to strengthen our democracy and soften our political divides. Our soul’s force for good in the world should guide our civic actions.


Feeds: Apple PodcastsStitcher

The Hunt Club

Focus: Pop Culture, Current Events, Politics, Film, Music, Sports

Hosted by: Austin, Jamel, Michael

Synopsis: Austin, Jamel and Michael discuss a wide variety of topics and give their thoughts and points of view. Always having fun but still able to give poignant messages.


Feeds: Apple PodcastSoundcloudYouTubeSpotify

Dr. Politics & The Political Architects Show

Focus: Politics

Hosted by: Dwight Patel

Synopsis: Dwight Patel talks politics with practitioners of the craft.


Feeds: YouTubeFacebook Live

The Hub Show

Focus: Life

Synopsis: Podcasting All About Music & Comedy, News & Views, Pop Culture, Sports, Health & Fitness, the Paranormal, Everything & Nothing.


Feeds: StitcherGoogle PlayTune In

The Orioles Minor League Podcast

Focus: Sports

Hosted by: Adam Pohl

Synopsis: The only podcast dedicated to rising prospects in the Orioles system.


Feeds: Apple Podcasts, Google Play

Unravel Podcast

Focus: Fashion

Hosted by: Jasmine Helm, Dana Goodin, and Joy Davis

Synopsis: Educating the public about the importance of fashion in history and daily life.


Feeds: Apple PodcastsSoundcloud

Harford County Living

Focus: General, Round Table Discussions

Hosted by: Rich Bennett and different Co-hosts

Synopsis: Local Businesses, People and Organizations from Harford County join Rich Bennett and discuss business, marketing, music and more.


Feeds: Apple Podcast TuneIn podfanatic Podchaser Player FM Stitcher Google Play

Dealing With My Grief

Focus: Self-Help

Hosted by: Darwyn Dave

Synopsis: Darwyn Dave lost his father when he was ten years old. Even though that was a long time ago, he realized that he’s not “over” his father’s death, but in fact is still dealing with it. Dealing With My Grief discusses how he has been coping with grief and bereavement since that time.


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WTOP News, located in Chevy Chase, Maryland, covers the D.C. region and offers many podcasts for their diverse audience (

Shows Include:

  • Top News from WTOP
    • Focus: news
    • The top news of the day impacting people living in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Top News from WTOP is produced Monday – Friday and released by 6 a.m. each day. Get the latest news in the DMV from the neighborhood source you trust.
    • Feeds: Podcast One, Apple Podcasts
  • The Week on the Hill
    • Focus: Politics
    • The Week On The Hill takes a closer look at the biggest developments in Congress and Washington, and what they mean to you. Each week, WTOP Capitol Hill Correspondents Mitchell Miller and Dave McConnell provide listeners with a roadmap of what’s ahead on the political horizon.
    • Feeds: Podcast One, Apple Podcasts
  • Target USA
    • Focus: National Security
    • Whether its terrorists, anarchists, cyber criminals or nation states, America has a target on its back. WTOP National Security Correspondent J.J. Green investigates the threats facing the U.S., the people behind them, the agencies fighting them and their impact on Americans.
    • Feeds: Podcast One, Apple Podcasts
  • DMV Sports Roundtable
    • Focus: Sports
    • Do you get your heart broken by the Nationals, Wizards, Caps and Redskins every single year but you still come back for more? The DMV Sports Roundtable is the podcast for you – Washington’s sports teams from the fans’ perspective – and plenty of college coverage too.
    • Feeds: Podcast One, Apple Podcasts
  • Capital Culture
    • Focus: Lifestyle and Entertainment
    • Think D.C. is all politics and traffic? Think again. Each week on Capital Culture, WTOP’s Rachel Nania and Jason Fraley highlight the latest happenings in D.C.’s creative community — from film to theatre to food and more.
    • Feeds: Podcast One, Apple Podcasts
  • The Investigation Continues: Lyon sisters
  • 22 Hours: An American Nightmare
    • Focus: Crime
    • It was a case nightmares are made of. A D.C. power couple, their 10-year-old son and housekeeper held hostage for nearly 24 hours and murdered inside a burning D.C. mansion. WTOP examines the complicated trail of evidence that police say led to finding their killer and why they say he committed such a brutal crime.
    • Feeds: Podcast One, Apple Podcasts
  • Not for Lazy Moms
    • Focus: Lifestyle and Entertainment
    • A WTOP partner podcast from Real Housewives of Potomac’s Monique Samuels. What mom is lazy? Being a mother is one of the most challenging, yet fulfilling jobs you can ever experience. It requires wearing several hats and using several hands to multitask and get the job done. Not for Lazy Moms is a community for new-generation moms who want it all and do it all. We strive to be the best versions of ourselves – in our parenting, relationships, careers and self-care. This is a podcast for everyone! Follow us on social media and share topics and questions you would like to chat about in future episodes! Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @notforlazymoms.
  • Going Under: The Story of Tangier Island
    • Focus: News
    • Tangier Island, Virginia – Population 460 (and shrinking). It’s a quirky, isolated place located smack dab in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. Residents drive golf carts and speak their own dialect, while visitors must travel by boat or plane to get there. But the island is vanishing. The reason why depends who you ask. But the fact is it could become uninhabitable in as little as 25 years, wiping an entire community and way of life off the planet. Should the island be saved… and at what cost? It’s a question that has received attention from the highest rungs of power – including The White House.

Montgomery Community Media
Montgomery Community Media produced two podcasts

  • Montgomery Talks with Doug Tallman
    • Focus: News
    • Synopsis: An informal conversation about the issues, politics, and personalities of Montgomery County, Maryland, hosted by MCM senior reporter Doug Tallman, who has covered the State and the County for more than 30 years.
  • Moco’s Most Famous with Joe Yasharoff
    • Focus: Celebrities
    • Synopsis: MoCo’s Most Famous with Joe Yasharoff, MCM’s newest podcast, highlights some of Montgomery County’s best-known people from the world of sports, entertainment and media. Follow us and find out and how the County influenced their careers, and their lives.

Elevate Maryland

Focus: Politics

Hosted by: Candace Dodson Reed and Tom Coale

Synopsis: A biweekly podcast with Maryland focus and Howard County roots, exploring the policies, people, and stories that affect the state of Maryland. Each episode we’ll talk to newsmakers and everyday people in order to elevate the conversation and find out what matters most.


Feeds: Apple PodcastStitcherSpotifyLibsyn

Redefine U
Focus: Education
Hosted by: Dan Baum
Synopsis: Redefine U is a podcast that explores what happens when we’re challenged to change our beliefs, our thoughts or even who we think we are.

Focus: Local Business
Hosted by: Allison Akers and Grayson
Synopsis:ArundelBiz Podcast will engage the Anne Arundel community and foster a sense of pride while highlighting business owners and the resources available to them.
Feeds: Anchor, StitcherApple PodcastSpotify

WYPR Podcast Center
WYPR has 30+ podcasts of local content, hosted and produced by the locally-based staff of WYPR.
Website: Shows include:

  • Essential Tremors - A show in which musicians and other creators talk about the songs that shaped who they are.
  • Art Matters - Baltimore Museum of Art Director Christopher Bedford connects listeners with some of the most interesting and innovative artists working today.
  • The Daily Dose - Maryland Confronts COVID-19 - An evening roundup of WYPR's latest reporting on Maryland's COVID-19 response, a summary of essential state and local updates, and a forum for locals who want to share stories about everyday life in the era of Coronavirus.
  • Higher Purpose - Higher Purpose is a 4 episode audio-documentary series written, produced, and narrated by Yasmene Mumby. It is a counter to the narrative about the people of Baltimore. It's the story of Turnaround Tuesday -- the jobs movement for and with Baltimore's residents who have been excluded from earning a living, years after incarceration.
  • One Day at a Time: In Recovery in Baltimore - Host Theo Hill brings an interesting background to this podcast about addiction and recovery. He's been in recovery himself for 19 years now, after struggling with a heroin addiction for much of his life.
  • Poe Theatre on The Air - Part radio drama, part podcast, and all Edgar Allan Poe. A new spine-tingling play for your ears every month, adapted from America’s most famous horror and suspense writer. Gothic frights, by The National Edgar Allan Poe Theatre.
  • Truth and Reconciliation - Truth and Reconciliation is a forum for the people of Baltimore to discuss the challenges of law enforcement reform, alternative paths to improving communal safety, and how to hold power accountable.Through personal tales of triumph and tragedy, Truth and Reconciliation seeks new perspectives on how to improve the lives of the people of the city through activism, analysis, and actionable ideas.Hosted by Taya Graham, Sean Yoes, and Stephen Janis.
  • Out of the Blocks - Out of the Blocks is a uniquely immersive listening experience that emerges from a mosaic of voices and soundscapes on the streets of Baltimore. A custom-tailored score colors and connects this tapestry of stories hidden in plain sight.
  • Cellar Notes - Al Spoler and Hugh Sisson taste and review some of the finest wines around the world and from our Maryland wineries.
  • Foreman and Wolf on Food and Wine - Tony Foreman and Cindy Wolf discuss everything connected to food and wine. From cold suppers to elegant dinner parties.
  • Future City - In each episode, Wes Moore looks at innovative ideas that are working in other cities, places like Cincinnati, St Louis, and Detroit. And he asks the question: Can those ideas work for Baltimore?
  • Midday with Tom Hall - Tom Hall and his guests are talking about what's on your mind, and what matters most to Marylander's, the latest news, local and national politics, education and the environment, popular culture and the arts, sports and science, race and religion, movies and medicine.
  • On The Record - On the Record is hosted by Sheilah Kast and can be heard weekdays from 9:30 to 10:00 am, following NPR's Morning Edition. We'll discuss the issues that affect your life and bring you thoughtful and lively conversations with the people who shape those issues -- business people, public officials, scholars, artists, and authors.
  • Radio Kitchen - Every Tuesday morning at 8:45 WYPR listeners are treated to a tasty serving of culinary advice on Radio Kitchen.
  • Sports at Large with Milton - Sports at Large is a weekly exploration of the issues and people who play and watch sports. SaL goes behind the headlines and stats to find the how and why, and the ways in which sports intersect with and influence our daily lives.
  • The Environment in Focus - The Environment in Focus, hosted by Tom Pelton, is a weekly perspective on the issues and people changing our natural world. Pelton is a national award-winning environmental journalist, author, and public radio host.
  • The Morning Economic Report - From WYPR 88.1 FM in Baltimore. Anirban Basu, Chariman Chief Executive Officer of Sage Policy Group (SPG), is one of the Mid-Atlantic region's leading economic consultants.
  • Your Maryland - Since 2002, ----Your Maryland---- hosted by Ric Cottom, has presented little-known human interest stories from Maryland's past. Beginning with accused witches and the murderous career of John Dandy in the earliest days of the colony, through Morgan State's fabled ----Ten Bears---- in the 1970's.
  • A Valuable Perspective - A Valuable Perspective features interviews with residents of Roland Park Place, Baltimore City's only full-service, accredited, non-profit Life Plan Community. During each episode, they share stories, experiences and viewpoints on a myriad of topics including financial planning, advances in medicine, education, romance, dealing with life’s changes and staying fit, to name a few.
  • The Millennial Catholic Podcast: Conversations with a Priest
    Focus: Religion
    Hosted by: Andrew Miller
    Synopsis: A podcast about a Millennial trying to find out what his faith is really all about. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s the spiciest meatball.
    Feeds: Apple Podcasts | Google | Buzzsprout | Spotify

    Fort Meade Declassified
    Focus: Military
    Hosted by: Joe Nieves and Sherry Kuiper (Fort Meade Public Affairs Office)
    Synopsis: A bi-weekly podcast about life in the military and the Fort Meade Community. We will cover a wide range of topics from information about services available to service members and their families to what it means to serve our nation.
    Feeds: Apple Podcasts

    Drunkard United (DU) Football Show
    Focus: Sports: English Premier League (Soccer)
    Host: Sam Huston and Sam Graham, Producer: Melissa Huston
    Available on: applePodcast, Spotify, Stitcher, Castbox, Podbean, YouTube
    Synopsis: A completely biased recap of the English Premier League as told by two common American Schmucks. Every week the Sam’s go over the weekends action and talk about all the clubs... maybe their clubs a little more. They both have a deep passionate love for distilled spirits and seeing they both work in the industry, they might teach you a thing or two about what you like to drink. This show is NSFW as the Sam’s use a lot of bar room banter to share their feelings. New to the sport, the Sam’s will give you a great overall view of the league and sport.
    Feeds: Podbean

    The CyberWire Daily Podcast
    Synopsis: The daily cybersecurity news and analysis industry leaders depend on. Published each weekday, the program also included interviews with a wide spectrum of experts from industry, academia, and research organizations all over the world. Hosted by Dave Bittner.

    Research Saturday
    Synopsis: Every Saturday, we sit down with cybersecurity researchers to talk shop about the latest threats, vulnerabilities, and technical discoveries. Hosted by Dave Bittner.

    Hacking Humans
    Synopsis: Join hosts Dave Bittner and Joe Carrigan each week as they look behind the social engineering scams, phishing schemes, and criminal exploits that are making headlines and taking a heavy toll on organizations around the world.

    Synopsis: A weekly conversation on surveillance, digital privacy, cybersecurity law and policy. Hosted by Dave Bittner and Ben Yelin.

    Career Notes
    Synopsis: Step inside the diverse and fascinating worlds of cybersecurity professionals around the globe and hear their personal stories in their own words.

    Word Notes
    Synopsis: A fun and informative infosec audio glossary from the CyberWire hosted by Rick Howard. 

    Synopsis: Readings from the dark underworld of cybercrime and espionage, recalled to life, reinterpreted, and reimagined for the benefit of the infosec literati. Oh, and it’s also just play and parody from the ever-restless imaginations of the CyberWire editorial team.

    CSO Perspectives
    Synopsis: Join the CyberWire's Chief Analyst, Rick Howard, as he discusses the ideas, strategies and technologies that senior cybersecurity executives wrestle with on a daily basis. This podcast is part of the CyberWire Pro subscription service. 

    Interview Selects
    Extended interviews, exclusives, and a curated selection of our most engaging and informative interviews over the years, featuring cyber security professionals, journalists, authors and industry insiders. This podcast is part of the CyberWire Pro subscription service. 

    Opening Arguments
    Focus: Law and Politics
    Hosted by: Andrew Torrez and Thomas Smith
    Synopsis:  Comedian (Thomas) and real-life lawyer (Andrew) break down all the legal stories in the news to help you make sense of what's going on in the world.
    Feeds:  Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | PlayerFM | Spotify | RSS feed for all other players